The Learning Center is your source for HP ExpertOne certification and training. Once you login to The Learning Center, you can access certifications, web-based courses, instructor-led training opportunities, and exam links. Your personalized transcript automatically records your learning plans and achievements.

Already have your access to The Learning Center?

Getting access:

Before being granted access to The Learning Center, you must "Get started" with the program. Learn how here:

Accepting the program terms and conditions is the final step in acquiring access to The Learning Center. The program terms and conditions are located on the "Train & certify" section of your regional partner portal (Login and password required). Portal logins are acquired when you go through the "Get started" process.

If you already have your login and password, and only need to agree to the program terms and conditions, select your region below and enter your User ID and password. Click "Train & certify" on the left navigation bar and you will be taken through the agreement process.

Your learning history:

If you have established a learning history with HP, your personal learning history can be found in The Learning Center.