Notification: The Learning Center

HP will be enhancing your learning experience with easier ways to find, register and launch HP training content. In order to update our systems, The Learning Center will  be unavailable  from July 31-August 09 (US Central Time). Please note these dates as you plan for training and certification exams in compliance with requirements for PartnerOne and other HP partner programs.

If you have established a learning history with HP, your personal learning history can be found in The Learning Center. Once you have acquired access to The Learning Center, follow these steps…

  • Click on the "My Learning" tab
  • For courses and exams click on the "My Transcript" link on the left navigation bar
  • For certifications, service qualifications and continuous learning activities (if applicable) click on the "My Certifications" link on the left navigation bar
  • For curricula click on "My Curricula" on the left navigation bar

What to do if your learning history appears incomplete

If your history appears to be missing previous certifications, exams or courses, there is a tool on your regional partner portal that can help.

  1. On your regional "Train & certify" home page, click on the "Finding my learning history" link under the "Guides" section
  2. Near the bottom of the resulting page, click on the "Recover my previous partner learning history" link to access the tool.
    Note:  For this process, you will be asked to supply your HP Learner ID
  3. Once completed, check your history in The Learning Center (steps outlined above). If your history is still missing recent learning accomplishments, please contact support to correct this.
    Contact ExpertOne