HP ExpertOne issues career certifications for levels from Associate to Master. Here’s what it means to acquire a certification:

Master level - HP Master ASE

HP Master Accredited Solutions Expert (Master ASE) - Indicates you have reached the pinnacle of ExpertOne certifications. Attaining this certification means you have rich technical skills in advanced enterprise solutions combined with IT business acumen. It tells management, executives, and peers that you can align IT solutions to an organization’s financial and business goals. It provides the assurance that you’ll be able to design and implement complex solutions—from the proposal stage to live deployment—using the full breadth of technology capabilities of the HP portfolio. And it signals that you’re well versed in open standards that are adaptable to any data center environment.

Typical Master ASE benefits*:

  • Participation in MASE exam reviews, course content reviews, competency modeling workshops, and beta training
  • Master Jam participation: Hearing HP’s top technologists discuss the latest HP technology, and talking with HP Masters to provide feedback and build relationships
  • Opportunity to participate in exclusive Roadmap sessions
  • Access to technology, online tools, software, and HP experts

* All benefits depend upon role, level and curriculum. Subject to change.

Expert level - HP ASE

HP Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE) - Validates multi-layered technical skills focused on complex enterprise technologies. This certification signals to employers that you can design, implement, administer, or support and deploy effective global IT solutions aligned to your specific job role.

Typical ASE benefits*:

  • Opportunity to attend competency modeling workshops with job task analysis
  • Opportunity to participate in certification course development workshops and exam reviews
  • Opportunity to participate in Technology Solution Series

* All benefits depend upon role, level and curriculum. Subject to change.

Professional level - HP ATP

HP Accredited Technical Professional (ATP) - Demonstrates you have the foundational skills needed for HP SMB and mid-market solutions. It means you can design and architect HP solutions, install and configure HP equipment and software, and administer and support the solutions once they are in place.

Typical ATP benefits*:

  • New Product Introduction (NPI) training
  • Opportunity to participate in ATP course content reviews for future revisions
  • Opportunity to attend ASE beta classes

* All benefits depend upon role, level and curriculum. Subject to change.

Foundational - HP Product Certified

HP Product Certified validates that you can recommend and demonstrate a specific product. It verifies that you know the features and functions of the associated product, and further can perform installation, setup processes and can configure environments. It also shows you that understand the benefits and strengths of the solution area for the associated product.

Typical Product Certified benefits:

  • Access to MyExpertOne
  • Access to the HP ExpertOne LinkedIn group
  • Free membership in Connect Worldwide
  • Proactive notification of TekTalks and regional events
  • Invitations to special events
  • Free online training
Associate level - HP ATA

HP Accredited Technical Associate (ATA) - Targeted at individuals interested in pursuing a career in the IT job market. These are certifications developed in an academic format that introduce business and technical skills covering a wide array of IT challenges. ATA certifications are the first step toward a productive career in IT and are a foundation for higher, professional-level HP certifications.

Typical ATP benefits*:

  • HP ExpertOne job board for certified professionals
  • HP branded merchandise store discounts
  • HP Press discounts

* All benefits depend upon role, level and curriculum. Subject to change.