As businesses move to open, flexible converged infrastructures and cloud services, IT professionals who plan, design, and shape this transformation require cross-discipline skills and new ways of approaching business problems and opportunities. The certifications within this portfolio validate you have the skills needed today to lead the transformation of data centers from rigid, siloed architectures to adaptive IT. Advance from foundational learning … to expert … then to our most exclusive professional certification: HP Master ASE - Data Center and Cloud Architect.

HP Master ASE - Data Center and Cloud Architect

Board level certification - professional reference and application required
This certification validates that you can expertly present, architect and oversee (at every level) the implementation of a highly effective Converged Infrastructure solution. This includes both business and technical knowledge and experience. This certification is designed for a very elite group of top professionals across the globe.

HP ASE - Data Center and Cloud Architect

This certification validates that you can plan, design, and manage a holistic platform for reliable, scalable and secure shared services in a converged systems and cloud environment.

HP ATP - Data Center and Cloud

This certification validates your ability to identify, describe, and position the HP Converged Infrastructure and HP Cloud solution offerings and realize the opportunity and benefits these solutions can bring.

Cloud specific certifications

HP ASE - Cloud Integrator

This certification validates that you can install, configure and optimize HP CloudSystem Matrix. It also verifies you know what is needed to expand HP CloudSystem to include public and managed cloud services for a full hybrid cloud environment.

HP ATP - Cloud Administrator

This certification validates that you can manage and administer HP CloudSystem Matrix with HP Cloud Service Automation for Matrix built on an HP Converged Infrastructure with heterogeneous IT resource pools. This certification also validates that you can manage a service centric private cloud, simplify and optimize infrastructure to application service delivery.

HP ATA – Cloud (HP Institute for students)

This certification validates that you understand a customer’s business objectives and can optimize, troubleshoot, and support complete IT cloud solution designs and deployment for small to medium size businesses.

Converged infrastructure specific certifications

HP ATP - Converged Infrastructure Integrator

This certification validates that you can implement an HP Converged Infrastructure solution that integrates heterogeneous server, storage and networking functions into one holistically managed pool of IT resources.

HP ATP - Converged Infrastructure Administrator

This certification validates you can administer and manage an entire data center based on the HP Converged Infrastructure solution.

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