Exam ID HP2-B101
Exam type Web-Based online exam used in certifications
Exam duration 1 hour 15 minutes
Exam length 50 questions
Passing score 70%
Delivery languages English, Simplified Chinese
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Register for this exam

You will need an HP Learner ID and a Pearson VUE login and password.
No online or hard copy reference material will be allowed at the testing site. This exam may contain beta test items for experimental purposes.

Exam description

This exam tests your skills on Basic Windows Printing and on Color LaserJet Printing Technologies.

Who should take this exam?

To pass this exam, you should have at least one year of experience working with printing and multifunction solutions. Exams are based on an assumed level of industry standard knowledge that may be gained from training, hands on experience, or other prerequisite events.
HP channel partners and employees in architect and presales roles who design printing and multifunction solutions.

Exam contents

This exam has 50 questions.

Tips for taking this exam

These tips will help you while taking the exam.

Take the time to read the entire question and consider all of the options carefully before you answer. If the question indicates that it features an exhibit, study the exhibit and reread the question. Make sure to select the answer that correctly responds to the question that is asked — not simply an answer that includes some correct information. If the question asks for more than one answer, remember to select each correct answer. You will not receive partial credit for a partially correct answer.


This exam validates that you can successfully perform the following:

Basic Windows Printing


HP Color LaserJet Printing Technologies


HP Ink for the Office


Network Scanners




Device Firmware


Device Management


HP Mobile Printing