Exam ID HP0-M72
Exam type Proctored exam taken at dedicated testing center
Exam duration 3 hours
Exam length 120 questions
Passing score 70%
Delivery languages English
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Supporting courses These recommended courses help you prepare for the exam:

Register for this Exam

Register for this exam

You will need an HP Learner ID and a Pearson VUE login and password.
No online or hard copy reference material will be allowed at the testing site. This exam may contain beta test items for experimental purposes.
During the exam, you can make specific comments about the items (i.e. accuracy, appropriateness to audience, etc.). HP welcomes these comments as part of our continuous improvement process.

Exam description

This guide is to set expectations about the context of the certification exam and to help candidates prepare. Recommended training to prepare for this exam can be found at The Learning Center and at the HP Software Education website. It is important to note that although training is recommended for exam preparation, successful completion of the training alone does not guarantee that you will pass the exam. In addition to training, exam items are based other supplemental reference material that may be specified in this guide.

Who should take this exam?

This exam is the final requirement and part of HP Software University’s Testing Foundation course and accreditation for high school graduates and college students who wish to begin their field experience in software.
This exam is offered in the APJ region only. Future locations in other regions are being planned.
Note: This examination is specifically designed for HP’s non corporate audience. The examinees have to undergo a specific training to be eligible to take this examination.

Exam contents

This exam has 120 questions.

Tips for taking this exam

During the exam, participants can make specific comments about the items (i.e. accuracy, appropriateness to audience, etc). HP welcomes these comments as part of our continuous improvement process.

Take the time to read the entire question and consider all of the options carefully before you answer. If the question indicates that it features an exhibit, study the exhibit and reread the question. Make sure to select the answer that correctly responds to the question that is asked — not simply an answer that includes some correct information. If the question asks for more than one answer, remember to select each correct answer. You will not receive partial credit for a partially correct answer.


The following testing objectives represent the specific areas of content covered in the exam. Use this outline to guide your study and to check your readiness for the exam. The exam measures your understanding of these areas.

  • Describe basic software testing principles.

  • Outline the process used to test business requirements.

  • Apply risk management strategies to software testing goals.

  • Utilize reporting capabilities and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure success.

  • Create releases and cycles in Quality Center.

  • Construct and organize requirements.

  • Create and execute test sets, test plan trees and test plans.

  • Log and manage defects.

  • Use graphs and reports to analyze results.

  • Create basic scripts from a manual test case in Unified Functional Testing for GUI Applications.

  • Enhance basic tests with synchronization and verification.

  • Parameterize tests to run with multiple sets of data.

  • Use the Object Repository and Object Repository Manager.

  • Use debugging tools.

  • Use custom checkpoints.

  • Create and run a basic LoadRunner scenario.

  • Assign scripts, run-time settings, performance monitors, load generators and Vusers to a LoadRunner scenario.

  • Record scripts in the Web environment using VuGen.

  • Describe the Performance Center User site’s functionality.

  • Create, configure and execute load tests.

  • Use analysis graphs.

  • Introduction to Testing – 15 questions

  • Using Quality Center Essentials – 25 questions

  • Using QuickTest Professional – 20 questions

  • Using LoadRunner Controller – 25 questions

  • Using the Virtual User Generator – 20 questions

  • Performance Center User Site – 15 questions

Sample questions

These questions help you access whether you are ready to take the exam. Answers to the sample questions are provided at the end of the document. To view sample questions, print or download this page.

Print or download this page.