Exam ID HP0-M35
Exam type Proctored exam taken at dedicated testing center
Exam duration 1 hour 45 minutes
Exam length 72 questions
Passing score 74%
Delivery languages English
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Exam description

This exam tests your skills on TRIM general concepts, TRIM architecture, configuration, and integration design, TRIM installation and maintenance, TRIM customization and configuration, TRIM administration and operation, TRIM integration with SharePoint, basict troubleshooting, file import and export.

Who should take this exam?

The exam is intended for technical personnel who demo, perform Proof of Concept, and under supervision of a senior consultant will implement, configure, and manage HP TRIM 7.x Software.

Exam contents

This exam has 72 questions. Here are types of questions to expect:
  • Multiple choice (multiple responses)
  • Multiple choice (single response)
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Point and click

Tips for taking this exam

You are not required to take the associated courses; however, HP strongly recommends that you complete the training and thoroughly review all course materials and documents before taking the exam. Sufficient on the job experience may also be required.


This exam validates that you can successfully perform the following:

TRIM General Concepts

  • Describe characteristics and usage of TRIM infrastructure components.
  • Describe record management concepts and TRIM.
  • Describe usage of ancillary TRIM features.


TRIM Architecture, Configuration, and Integration Design

  • Describe the TRIM architecture and design.
  • Define the application configuration.


TRIM Installation and Maintenance

  • Identify the different installation options.
  • Ensure hardware and server software meet IIS and .Net requirements.
  • Perform installation pre-requisite checks.
  • Install the Workgroup Server, and configure and deploy TRIM Enterprise
  • Install and configure optional modules.
  • Modify and monitor TRIM events.
  • Recognize and locate options for maintaining the database.
  • Locate options to create and configure document content indexing.
  • Maintain TRIM logs.
  • Modify TRIM database availability.
  • Identify which TRIM components require backing up in a TRIM installation.
  • Identify failover options that can be implemented for the TRIM system.
  • Identify the migration sequence to replicate to a test, training, development,
    or production environment.


TRIM Customization and Configuration

  • Manage and configure TRIM security.
  • Configure TRIM Locations.
  • Create and configure TRIM Record Types.
  • Configure TRIM System Options, Additional Fields, Classifications, Retention
    Schedules, Holds, and Actions.
  • Configure Space Management.
  • Configure Barcode Scanners.
  • Configure user interface global settings.


TRIM Administration and Operation

  • Create, modify, and update a record.
  • Search for records.
  • Build workflow templates.
  • Configure and print reports.
  • Configure and manage MS SharePoint.
  • Manage physical records using Space Management.
  • Manage physical records via core product using Home, Owner, and
  • Respond to a record request.
  • Change the disposition of a record.
  • Describe examples when a Thesaurus can be used.


TRIM Integration with SharePoint

  • Explain the process to perform a TRIM technical integration with MS
  • Explain the process to perform a TRIM application integration with MS
  • Explain the process to perform a TRIM MS SharePoint integration from the
    SharePoint application.


Basic Troubleshooting

  • Describe actions to take if a document search is not working.
  • Manage quarantined documents.
  • Resolve title word index issues.
  • Describe actions to take if you cannot find a document in Doc Store.
  • Perform basic troubleshooting on the TRIM Web Client.
  • Perform basic troubleshooting on the TRIM server.
  • Describe actions to take if the Pending file bin queue is not being processed.


File Import and Export

  • Import and export objects using the TRIM Import/Export function.
  • Export files using Print Merge.