Exam ID HP0-D29
Exam type Proctored exam taken at dedicated testing center
Exam duration 2 hours 45 minutes
Exam length 66 questions
Passing score 66%
Delivery languages English
Related Certifications
  • HP ASE - Data Center and Cloud Architect V1 - upgrade from HP ASE – Converged Infrastructure Architect V1 and HP ASE - Cloud Architect V1 or 2 (inactive)
Supporting courses These recommended courses help you prepare for the exam:
Additional study materials
  • 00836926 – HP BladeSystem Networking

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Exam description

This exam tests your skills on data center cloud solution planning and design, along with your knowledge of HP Converged Infrastructure and Cloud products, solutions and service offerings. It also validates your ability to recognize opportunities for Converged Infrastructure and Cloud implementation in the marketplace.

Who should take this exam?

Although anyone can take this exam, most successful candidates have at least 2 years of real-world experience working with HP servers, storage, networking, and software products in enterprise environments, analyzing customer requirements, designing enterprise solutions, and have taken the recommended training. Successful candidates also prepare for the test in a variety of ways. This guide describes some of these ways and provides references to materials for further preparation.

Exam contents

This exam has 66 questions. Here are types of questions to expect:
  • Matching
  • Multiple choice (multiple responses)
  • Multiple choice (single response)
  • Other

Tips for taking this exam

This exam assesses whether you have the knowledge and skills that a Data Center and Cloud Architect requires on the job. Therefore, many test items present a scenario, which outlines a particular environment or problem. You may also need to use exhibits to complete the test items successfully.

Take the time to read the entire question and consider all of the options carefully before you answer. If the question indicates that it features an exhibit, study the exhibit and reread the question. Make sure to select the answer that correctly responds to the question that is asked — not simply an answer that includes some correct information. If the question asks for more than one answer, remember to select each correct answer. You will not receive partial credit for a partially correct answer.


This exam validates that you can successfully perform the following:

Fundamental networking concepts, architectures and technologies

  • Identify and describe the networking technologies, concepts, and components
  • Categorize the networking OSI layers and differentiate Layer 2 and Layer 3 concepts
  • Identify and compare Ethernet and Fibre Channel technologies


HP networking products and solutions

  • Describe and position the HP networking strategies and solutions
  • Describe and position HP Virtual Connect product offerings
  • Identify and describe the functionality of HP networking software and management tools


Fundamental Converged Infrastructure and Cloud architectures and technologies

  • Identify and describe functional components of a converged infrastructure and cloud
  • Identify and describe converged infrastructure and cloud enabling technologies and components
  • Explain business benefits/value and risks/costs associated with converged infrastructure and cloud implementations


HP Converged Infrastructure and Cloud products, solutions, and warranty/service offerings

  • Explain the HP Converged Cloud strategy
  • Describe and position the appropriate HP Converged Infrastructure hardware
  • Identify and describe the functionality of HP Converged Infrastructure software
  • Describe the functionality of HP CloudSystem software
  • Describe business continuity and disaster recovery solutions related to HP Converged Infrastructure and cloud
  • Identify and position HP Converged Systems
  • Describe HP Reference Architecture
  • Describe the HP strategy for CI and cloud management


Competitive positioning (recognizing opportunity)

  • Recognize initial and additional opportunities
  • Describe the HP Converged Infrastructure and cloud solution marketplaces
  • Illustrate how HP Converged Infrastructure and cloud solutions provide competitive advantage and add business value.
  • Demonstrate business acumen
  • Identify potential sale and up-sale opportunities and refer the customer to the appropriate contact


Solution planning and design

  • Discover and define the solution opportunity
  • Plan and design a solution
  • Size a solution
  • Review and validate a solution proposal
  • Prepare and deliver customer presentation


Solution implementation

  • Setup, configure, and integrate Virtual Connect within a data center network
  • Perform the pre-delivery tasks


Solution enhancement (performance-tune, optimize, upgrade)

  • Compare the existing solution design to the customer requirements and document differences
  • Upgrade or expand the solution


Solution management

  • Describe the management of the Virtual Connect environment
  • Use the appropriate tools to monitor and manage the Converged Infrastructure networking resources
  • Maintain the management infrastructure
  • Monitor and manage the Converged Infrastructure resources
  • Monitor and manage the Cloud supply layer
  • Monitor and manage the Cloud delivery/demand layer