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Course description

This introductory course to SDN (Software-defined Networking) teaches how to develop SDN applications. It covers how to develop applications that can dynamically control network behavior for advanced value (more efficient and less time consuming). The course describes how SDN is used in networks by explaining in depth how OpenFlow is used as the open standard transport mechanism. Furthermore, it covers the separation of the control and data plane which helps you to understand how you can take advantage of SDN and how it is different from traditional networks.
It covers SDN application coding with the available HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller API’s (REST and Java API’s). You apply the vendor independent knowledge to create SDN applications for the HP VAN SDN Controller. This is done via general application basics, SDN solution design and hands on labs.
This course is approximately 50 percent lecture and 50 percent learning activities.

Who should attend

ISVs – Application developers focused on creating SDN applications for sale in the HP SDN App Store
Network Engineers with some application expertise who want to develop a specific application for their own company to solve a specific networking problem.


Basic networking and basic software development knowledge (Java) is highly recommended.


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Explain what SDN means, from a technical and business perspective
  • Understand SDN use cases
  • Explain and understand how OpenFlow is the open-standard transport mechanism used to make SDN possible
  • Understand how OpenFlow enables the separation of the control and data planes
  • Understand and configure the HP VAN SDN controller
  • Understand the basics of building an SDN application, including issues related to devices, controllers, and application types
  • Understand how to design an SDN application, including decisions about application type, process of design creation, and examples of successful SDN application designs
  • Understand the available APIs for developing applications and the modules that constitute an SDN application, and in-depth walkthroughs of actual SDN applications
  • Understand the unique attributes of the HP VAN SDN Controller, and the common attributes shared with other controllers.

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