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Course format SCA
Typical Course length 1 day
Delivery languages English
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Course description

This course covers the general purpose of TeamSite, plus how to use the ContentCenter Professional user interface, create FormsPublisher forms, generate web content using FormsPublisher presentation templates, start and participate in workflows, create SitePublisher sites and nodes, and use components to create SitePublisher pages.
This course is a prerequisite for all TeamSite training including Developer, SitePublisher, and System Administration.
This course is offered by HP Autonomy Education.

Who should attend

Web content authors using older versions. People who will be creating SitePublisher sites. Anyone attending other TeamSite courses.


• Experience with file operations such as folder navigation, copy, rename, and delete. Experience using a Web browser.


  • Introduction to Content Management
    • Identify the features of a content management
    • Define TeamSite concepts, structure, and
    • Describe FormsPublisher, metadata, workflows,
      and SitePublisher
    • Access TeamSite
  • Overview of Content Center
    • Use search and preview tools
    • Edit files
    • View locked and modified status
    • Manage metadata
    • Submit files
  • Using FormsPublisher
    • Describe FormsPublisher features and abilities
    • Use a form to enter and save form entries
    • Generate new content from form entries and
      presentation templates
    • Revise and re-generate content
  • Using SitePublisher
    • Describe SitePublisher features
    • Use Site Manager to create a site
    • Add nodes to a site
    • Deploy a site
    • Add pages to a site
    • Add components to pages
    • Set component properties to change the
      appearance and content
  • Comparing and Managing Files
    • View file properties
    • Manage file versions, including reverting to prior
    • Import, copy, rename, and delete files and
  • Permissions, Editing Options, Virtualization, and Editions
    • Set file and folder permissions
    • Edit using various methods
    • Understand virtualization
    • Create editions
  • TeamSite Contributor UI Demonstration
    • Short demonstrations by the instructor of the TeamSite Contributor user interface, including similarities and differences compared to the ContentCenter Professional user interface


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Understand the general purpose of TeamSite
  • Use the ContentCenter Professional user interface
  • Create FormsPublisher forms
  • Generate web content using FormsPublisher presentation templates
  • Start and participate in workflows
  • Create SitePublisher sites and nodes
  • Use components to create SitePublisher pages