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Typical Course length 4 days
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Course description

This course provides the essential knowledge to enable storage administrators to configure and manage HP Data Protector software. The hands-on lab exercises re-enforce the theory sessions to ensure a thorough understanding of backup and recovery concepts, the functionality of the software and its application to typical storage implementations. SOFTWARE VERSIONS: 7.0x

Who should attend

Storage and System Administrators using HP Data Protector software.


• System and Network Administration or equivalent experience.
For complete prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications or upgrade paths, see the certification description on the HP ExpertOne website.


  • HP IM Data Protection - Product Overview
    • Product overview
  • HP Data Protector Architecture
    • Backup Models
    • Backup and Replication Methods
    • The Cell Concept
    • Data Protector Architecture
    • Cell Manager and Installation Server
    • Disk, Media and Integration Agents
    • Internal Database
    • Typical Data Protector session
    • Data Protector tuning
  • Quick Start
    • Concept: General Backup
    • Concept Backup Specification
    • Configure Media Pool and Device
    • Configure and run a Backup
    • Monitor the Backup session
    • Start a Restore
    • Run a Single Session Report
  • HP Data Protector Software Installation
    • Installation Overview, Planning and Methods
    • Cell Manager Installation on Windows
    • Cell Manager Installation on Unix
    • Client Push Installation
    • Export and Import of Clients
    • Adding Components to Clients
  • Backup Device
    • Overview
    • Physical and Virtual Tape Libraries
    • Data Protector File Library
    • Data Protector Tape Format
    • Logical Devices
    • Single and Multipath Devices
    • Device and Library Tools
  • Media Management
    • Media Pool concept
    • Media Pool Properties
    • Creating a Media Pool
    • Free Pool Concept and Implementation
    • Medium properties
    • Location Tracking and Priority
    • Formatting Tape Media
    • Vaulting with Media Pools
  • Backup
    • Performing Backups
    • Backup Specification Types
    • Backup Features
    • Static and Dynamic Device Allocation
    • Load Balancing - Object Allocation
    • Backup Mirroring
    • Creating a Backup Specification
    • The Backup Process Flow
  • Restore
    • Performing Restores
    • Restore Sequence
    • Object and Session Restore
    • Single or Parallel Restore
    • Point in Time Restore
    • Restore by Query/Time
  • Monitoring, Reporting and Notifications
    • Monitoring and Reporting
    • Session Monitoring
    • Report Categories and Delivery Methods
    • Configure and schedule Reports
    • Web Reporting Interface
    • Default Notification overview
    • Adding Notifications
  • Media and Object Replication
    • Media Copy
    • Interactive Media Copy
    • Automated Media Operation
    • Object Copy
    • Interactive Object Copy
    • Post Backup and scheduled Object Copy
    • Object Copy and Library Filtering
    • Automatic Device Selection
    • Copy Specification options
  • De-Duplication Basics
    • De-Duplication technology
    • Target side De-Duplication
    • Source side De-Duplication
    • Server side De-Duplication
    • Multi side De-Duplication
    • Backup to Disk (B2D) Device
    • Adding a B2D device
    • Creating a Backup Specification with a
    • B2D device
  • Virtualization Basics
    • What is Virtualization
    • Data Protector VMware Integration
    • The VEAgent
    • Snapshot technology
    • Change Block Tracking
    • DP components in a VMware environment
    • VMware Granular Recovery Extension
    • (GRE)
    • VEAgent vCloud Director Backup
  • Internal Database (IDB)
    • Concept Embedded database
    • Architecture
    • IDB Directory Structure
    • Raima RDM Server
    • Internal Database Size Limits
    • Administration Tasks
    • Manage IDB Grow
    • IDB Maintenance
    • Backing up the Internal Database
    • IDB Reports
    • Creating a new IDB
    • IDB Restore Wizard
    • Automated restore/recovery
    • IDB Tuning parameters
  • Security
    • Access control
    • User Rights
    • User Groups
    • Adding Users and Groups
    • User Restrictions
    • Client and Cell Security
    • Network Access
    • Inet Impersonation
    • Creating Impersonation Users
    • Changing the Web Interface Password
  • Auditing
    • Auditing Overview
    • Backup session auditing
    • Enhanced Event Logging
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Disaster Recovery methods
    • Disaster Recovery phases
    • Disaster Recovery Configuration File
    • Create a Disaster Recovery Image
    • Booting the Recovery Image
    • Using the Recovery Progress Monitor
    • Disaster Recovery on Dissimilar Hardware
  • Patching
    • Data Protector Enhancements and Fixes
    • How to download Enhancements and Fixes
    • Download from Software Support Online
    • General Release Patch Installation
    • Step 1: Update the Installation Server
    • Step 1: Update the Client
    • List installed Data Protector Patches
  • Troubleshooting
    • Log Files
    • Debug Traces Generation
    • Debug Log Collector
    • Message Details
    • Network Connectivity
    • Services
    • Backup Devices
    • Backup and Restore
    • omnihealthcheck
    • omnitrig –run_checks
  • Licensing and Product Structure
    • Data Protector licensing
    • Product Structure overview
    • License Reporting and checking


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Install and distribute HP Data Protector software on a network.
  • Configure the HP Data Protector software product.
  • Configure Library devices for use with HP Data Protector software.
  • Use HP Data Protector software product to backup, restore, and monitor from the GUI and command line.
  • Manage the HP Data Protector software Internal Database.
  • Create custom reports and notification procedures.

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