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Course format SCA
Typical Course length 5 days
Delivery languages English
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Course description

This training provides the practical knowledge and experience needed to service the HP 3PAR suite of storage products. The topics covered include product and documentation overview, as well as practical approaches to installation, upgrade, and break/fix activities. Basic troubleshooting will be covered.

Who should attend

This training is intended for Partner CEs (ServiceOne Expert partners) who will be servicing HP 3PAR enterprise products in the field.
The goal of this training is to provide the CE with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully service the HP 3PAR product line utilizing existing methodologies.


To benefit from this training, the service engineer should have successfully completed the following courses:
00685065 – 3PAR Hardware Prerequisite WBT


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
• Describe the Hardware component F-/T-Class and HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000/7000 Storage System solutions
• Describe the components, port numbering, and configuration of the components of the differed classes of 3PAR storage systems
• Describe the different Service Processor implementations (physical/virtual)
• Describe best practice (green zone) configuration rules
• Install a HP 3PAR Storage system
   o Describe the process flow
   o Use the planning resources
   o Run Out of the Box (OOTB)
   o Run Moment of Birth (MOB)