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Typical Course length 5 days
Skill level Expert
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Course description

This comprehensive course focuses on the initial installation and startup tasks required to bring a customer’s rack or tower based server solution online and prepared for the deployment of applications. The course delivers the technical information necessary to successfully install and configure server components including rack or tower server, networking, storage, and management devices. You will install multiple operating systems using deployment tools and also use HP management software. In addition to in depth technical training on the key technologies that enable these solutions, this class provides hands on labs, sizing and configuration exercises, and solution demonstrations. 
This course includes content on HP ProLiant Gen8 servers including the HP ProActive Insight systems architecture. This course also contains the latest software utilities from HP for deploying, managing, and monitoring HP Server Solutions.

Who should attend

HP Solution Architects, HP Authorized Reseller Partners,
HP Technical Client Consultants, HP Field Presales & Competency Center Solution Architects who want to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to properly setup, configure and deploy solutions based on HP's rack or tower families of products.


For complete prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications or upgrade paths, see the certification description on the HP ExpertOne website.


  • Module 1 — The HP Rack and Tower Server Portfolio
    HP ProLiant server family, Key ProLiant Gen8 server technologies, Numbering convention for ProLiant servers, 100 series (1P and 2P), 300 series (1P and 2P), 500 series (4P), 700 series (up to 8P), 900 series (4P or 8P), ProLiant lines, ProLiant MicroServer, ProLiant entry-level server portfolio, ProLiant ML350p Gen8 server, ProLiant DL160p Gen8 server, ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server, ProLiant DL380p Gen8 serve, ProLiant SL230s Gen8 server, ProLiant SL250s Gen8 server, ProLiant mid-range servers, ProLiant DL785 G6 overview, ProLiant DL980 G7 overview, ProLiant technologies, Processors, Memory, HP SmartMemory, Types of memory modules, iLO4 Management Engine, I/O, Trusted Platform Module, Enabling and configuring the TPM, BitLocker on ProLiant servers, Configuring ProLiant servers, HP Intelligent Provisioning, HP Scripting Toolkit, Updating software with HP Smart Update Manager, Managing firmware updates with HP Service Pack for ProLiant, Identifying the installed ROM version, HP utilities, ROM-Based Setup Utility, Starting and exiting RBSU, RBSU menu, System Default Options menu, Power Management Options menu, Server Availability submenu, System Options submenu, Server ROM functionality, System Maintenance menu, Inspect Utility, Diagnostic Utility, HP Network Configuration Utility, Erase Utility, USB support, Booting the system, Boot options screen, Default boot order, Boot controller order, Integrating the HP Intelligent Series rack, HP Intelligent Series racks, HP Location Discovery Services, HP Thermal Discovery Services
  • Module 2 — HP Smart Array Storage Technology
    Storage technologies, Drive array basics, Advantages of using an array, Software and hardware RAID, Software-based RAID, Hardware-based RAID, RAID levels supported by HP array controllers, Array expansion and RAID migration, Array expansion, Volume and logical drive extension, RAID-level migration, Stripe size migration, Array performance tuning, Disk striping, Optimizing the stripe size, HP drive technologies, Storage in the cloud, HP Smart Storage, HP ProLiant SmartDrives, Comparing drive technologies, Disk drive speeds, Solid state drives, Hot-plug SCSI drive support, HP drive reliability and availability features, Mean time between failures, Dynamic sector repair, Hard drive failure prediction technology, Online spare drives, Automatic data recovery, Smart Array controllers, HP Dynamic Smart Array technology, HP Smart Array Advanced Pack, HP Smart Array controller portfolio, Smart Array controller classification, Standard features of Smart Array controllers, HP Smart Array P822 controller, HP Smart Array P220 and P222 controllers, HP Smart Array P420 and P420i controllers, Configuring the storage subsystem, Option ROM Configuration for Arrays, Configuring drives with ORCA, Array Configuration Utility, ACU features, Configuring physical and logical drives by using ACU, ACU and SAAP, Accessing ACU, HP SAS Expander Cards, HP SAS host bus adapters for ProLiant Gen8 servers, HP IO Accelerator
  • Module 3 — HP integrated Lights-Out Management Engine
    HP iLO Management Engine, iLO Management Engine components, Agentless Management, Active Health System, Embedded Remote Support, Intelligent Provisioning, iLO Advanced enhancements, Remote Console Direct Access, iLO enhanced standards support, Additional iLO features, iLO user interfaces, Using the iLO web interface, iLO 4 Remote Console, Virtual Media, iLO power management options, Server power, Power Meter, Power settings, High Efficiency Mode
  • Module 4 — HP Insight Control
    HP Insight Control, Insight Control server migration, Server migrations across Linux SAN environments, Insight Control server deployment, Insight Control performance management, Insight Control power management, Insight Control virtual machine management, Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server, Insight Control for Microsoft System Center, HP Systems Insight Manager, Features of HP SIM 7.0, Agentless management, System driver and firmware installation, Two user interfaces, HP SIM security, HP SIM architecture, Central management server, Management console, Managed systems, Accessing HP SIM, Using the HP SIM Quick Launch feature, Functions of HP SIM, Discover, Identification, Data collection, Polling tasks, Fault management and event handling, Role-based security, Minimum hardware and software requirements, Windows central management server, Insight Remote Support, Insight Remote Support solutions, Insight Remote Support Advanced, Integration with Insight Online, HP Service Pack for ProLiant, Key benefits of HP Service Pack for ProLiant, SPP releases, HP System Management Homepage, HP SUM
  • Module 5— Data Availability and Protection for ProLiant Servers
    Increasing availability through power protection, HP Intelligent Power Discovery Services, HP Intelligent PDUs, HP PDUs, HP Monitored PDUs, HP Modular PDUs, Common Slot Power Supplies, Common Slot Platinum Plus Power Supplies, Uninterruptible power supplies, HP UPS portfolio, Additional UPS feature, HP rack and power management software, HP Power Manager, HP Power Protector UPS Management Software, Rack and Power Manager, HP Modular Cooling System G2, HP Data Protector Express, Key features of Data Protector Express, Operating systems supported
  • Module 6 — Virtualization Basics
    Virtualization basics, Sharing resources with virtual machines, Virtualization with HP Insight Management software, Insight Control extensions for Microsoft products, Hyper-V, Insight Control for Microsoft Systems Center, Insight Control extensions for VMware, Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server, Insight Control for VMware vCenter server, ProLiant virtualization with VMware, VMware vSphere 5 from HP, Using the vSphere Client, VMware ESXi, VMware ESXi virtualization platform, VMware ESXi architecture, Configuring ESXi, Logging in to ESX/ESXi, VMware ESX/ESXi licensing, ProLiant virtualization with Citrix XenServer, Xen and XenServer, Comparing Xen platforms, Identifying the XenServer product line, XenServer architecture overview, Citrix XenCenter overview
  • Module 7 — General Troubleshooting
    HP troubleshooting methodology
    Step 1 — Collect data
    Establishing a baseline, Tools to collect data, HP Active Health System, HP Insight Control performance management, HP Insight Remote Support, HP Insight Online, HP iLO Management Engine Event Log, Integrated Management Log, Array Configuration Utility diagnostics, ACU diagnostic reports, Automatic Server Recovery
    Step 2 — Evaluate the data to determine the subsystems causing the issue
    Processor issues, Optimizing processor performance, Memory issues, Optimizing memory performance, Storage issues, Optimizing storage performance, Physical and logical I/O, Designing storage environments, Networking issues, Evaluating performance in a Windows environment, Evaluating the processor subsystem, Evaluating the memory subsystem, Evaluating the storage subsystem, Evaluating the network subsystem, Evaluating other subsystems, Determining acceptable values for counters, Evaluating performance in a Linux environment, free, watch, top, GNOME System Monitor, vmstat, Sysstat suite of resource monitoring tools
    Step 3 — Develop an optimized action plan
    Step 4 — Execute the action plan
    Step 5 — Determine whether the problem has been solved
    Step 6—Implement preventive measures


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Identify HP ProLiant rack and tower server lines and series
  • Recognize technologies used in the Generation 8 (Gen8) family of HP ProLiant servers
  • Explain how to configure ProLiant rack and tower server hardware components
  • Explain how to use the HP utilities that ship standard with ProLiant servers
  • Describe the server boot process
  • Integrate a ProLiant rack-mounted server into an HP rack
  • Explain the storage technologies underlying HP drives and drive arrays
  • Compare the disk drives and technologies offered by HP Storage
  • Describe the features and functions of HP Smart Array controllers
  • Understand iLO Management Engine components
  • Understand iLO Advanced enhancements
  • Understand iLO user interfaces
  • Understand iLO 4 Remote Console
  • Understand iLO power management options
  • Describe the features and functions of HP Insight Control
  • Describe the features and functions of HP Systems Insight Management (HP SIM)
  • List the Insight Remote Support solutions
  • Name the benefits of Support Pack for ProLiant
  • Explain how to increase data availability through HP power protection products
  • List key features of HP Data Protector Express
  • Describe how virtualization enables you to share resource pools
  • Explain how Insight Control extensions with Microsoft and VMware products extend the HP ProLiant experience
  • Describe the six-step HP troubleshooting methodology
  • Identify the HP Services available for Rack and Tower Server Solutions

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