Course ID 00239878
Course format WBT
Typical Course length 4 hours
Delivery languages English
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Course description

This course covers the security technologies for network technicians. It introduces you to the Defense in Depth strategy for confronting contemporary threats to network security. Specifically, it covers the network infrastructure security component of this strategy, explaining technologies built into a trusted network infrastructure as well as access control and threat management technologies.

Who should attend

Networking professionals who need to configure HP networking devices to function within network-wide security solutions, including HP reseller systems engineers, customer IT staff, HP system engineers, HP services field, and call center support engineers.


For complete prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications or upgrade paths, see the certification description on the HP ExpertOne website.


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Understand network security technologies.
  • Understand the concepts behind the security features provided by HP networking devices.
  • Understand the basics of encryption and be able to follow the processes of 802.1X authentication, Network Access Control (NAC), and IP Security (IPsec)
  • Understand how Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs) work; and more.