With HP certification, you choose your career path

Each curriculum in the HP ExpertOne program offers a full range of levels, representing everything from entry level to master level courses. And within each level, you'll find a range of job roles - starting with support and administration - that represent incrementally more valuable skill sets. The highest level, Master ASE, is reserved only for individuals who design the largest and most complex solutions. This ordered, step-by-step series of levels and roles means that no matter what your current degree of proficiency, you'll find a direct, efficient entry point into HP ExpertOne. It also means you can advance along multiple paths:

  • Changing job roles - say, from support to implementer, to integrator, and finally to architect
  • Or progressing in the same job role, but with added expertise and responsibility

Either route is along a clear, incremental path for skill evolution, where foundational learning and entry-level certification lead to more knowledge, higher-level certifications and greater reward (and recognition) in your career.

Partner restricted certifications (affiliate)

HP Partner restricted certifications are exclusively for HP channel resellers (including OEMs and service partners) and for HP employees. They are designed to validate the skills required to meet HP partner program and service support qualifications.